Pubic Symphysis Pain in Pregnancy and Its Treatment With Acupuncture

For pregnant women, pubic symphysis pain can be truly debilitating and even result in depression. What is Pubic Symphisitis and what pregnancy treatments exist that can help women to cope with this condition? Read on to learn more.

Pubic Symphisitis is a condition in which a woman experiences pain in the pelvic region due to a shifting of the bones. It is the joint between the two pelvis bones that becomes stiff, and the pain from this joint can radiate in any direction creating extreme discomfort. The condition does not have to be associated with fertility and pregnancy, but it often is as the additional shifting weight is can be what causes the pelvis to shift and become misaligned. Also, during pregnancy, the body produces relaxin. This causes the ligaments to relax. It is important in order to allow the baby to pass through the birth canal, but it can also weaken the joint between the pelvis bones which is most often the cause of the pain. Doctors can use an x-ray to see if the gap in the joint has pulled farther away than it should during pregnancy.

As a result, everyday activities may become extremely painful for a woman. She may find it difficult to lift anything that weighs very much, to bend or twist at the waist, or even to get out of bed in the morning. Sleeping can also become difficult as the pain may increases with every shift while in the bed. Thus, some women sleep with a pillow between their knees. While many doctors will recommend Physiotherapy, our team of Acupuncturists at House of Fertility & Healing offer a solution that have been demonstrated to be even more effective in treating the pain of Pubic Symphisitis.

Research has shown that those who undergo acupuncture have a greater reduction in pain than those who seek what many may consider a more conventional treatment such as Physio. The fact is that pregnancy acupuncture is a great pain reducing tool for those who are willing to give it a try.

For a Symphisitis sufferer to set oneself up for an easier labour, acupuncture is an important part of the labour preparation process. Women suffering from this condition should thus consider the health benefits of pregnancy acupuncture. Sydney residents can be happy to have a reliable and experienced centre to go for this treatment.

Ngaio Richards July 2013

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